Copyright Agile Brain Ltd. All rights reserved.


Copyright Agile Brain Ltd. All rights reserved.


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Experienced Team Life

  • Demonstrate the Agile values and principles

  • Protect the team from well meaning influences

  • Manage the Sprint Boundary to plan for success

  • Servant Leadership to foster self awareness

  • Encourage Communities of Practice (CoP) 

  • Empower team members with Scrum Values

  • Build individuals confidence and capabilities

  • Seek new challenges to stretch team members

Basic Team Life

  • Create a team Wall to share progress

  • Hold team Daily Scrum Meetings (Stand-Ups)

  • Facilitate team Sprint Planning

  • Lead team Sprint Review

  • Promote team Sprint Demo (Showcase)

  • Ensure team Sprint Retrospective happens

  • Share team Sprint Celebration

  • Seek to resolve Impediments / blockers

  • Use Burn-Down Charts to demonstrate progress

Agile Teams

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........delivering advantage