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Agile manifesto

What's Agile? 

Agile is an umbrella term which groups together a collection of well-established and proven methods and practices. 
Originating from the Toyota Production System (TPS) in the 1970’s, this ground breaking approach to mass production was adapted over many years to revolutionise software development. Agile approaches are now significantly influencing mainstream business who seek competitive advantage in an increasingly complex and demanding marketplace. 
The Agile Manifesto (for Software Development) was agreed in 2001 and offers a set of Values and Principles to guide and influence the individual or group understanding that will influence decision making and action taking. These Agile Values and Principles act as a constant north star for the behaviour to guide any Agile journey. 
You will find that the Agile Principles and Values can be applied to any business environment, given that the right guidance and support. 
The Agile Manifesto describes the set of Values to guide behaviour, challlenge habits and focus any approach. These Values have been considered and adopted successfully by many IT and non IT environments. 
The Agile Manifesto can be found here
To further support the Agile Manifesto, there are a set of Twelve Agile Principles to further bring the Values to life. These Princples offer a real-life consideration on how the Values can be confidently applied. 
The Agile Principles can be found here
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